Wednesday, November 5, 2008

SS 586: Part 1: 2008 Hazard Communication for Hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods

SS 586: Part 1:2008
The Transport & Storage of Dangerous Goods

  • Information of Hazard Identification Number (HIN)
  • National Authorities regulating the transport of dangerous goods
  • Transport Emergency Information Panel
  • Storage Emergency Information Panel
  • Table of minimum quantities for labeling
  • Recommended color codes
  • Transport labels for dangerous goods

The UNRTDG (United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods) or “Orange Book” is adopted by Singapore for the safe transport of dangerous goods in Singapore and for international trade.

Annex A (Informative) - Information of Hazard Identification Number (HIN)

HIN consists of 2 or 3 figures. In general, the figures indicate the following hazards: e.g.

'2' Emission of gas due to pressure or chemical reaction

'3' Flammability of liquids (vapours) and gases or self-heating liquids

'5' Oxidising (fire intensifying) effect

'6' Toxicity

Annex B (informative) - National Authorities regulating the transport of dangerous goods

Annex C (Normative) - Transport Emergency Information Panel (TEIP)

Annex D (Normative) - Storage Emergency Information Panel (SEIP)

Annex E (Normative) - Table of Minimum Quantities - Road Transportation

Annex F (Informative) - Recommended Colour Codes

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